Welcome to the adventure !

This is the story of adventure, amazing experiences, deep frustration, endless roads, the mightiest river on Earth, a staggering long walk, complete isolation, total exhaustion, friendly people, interesting cultures and an overload of stunning natural beauty.

A story of an ordinary guy with an extraordinary passion for travelling and adventure who chose to trade in his comfortable life for an intense 4 year period of mind-blowing experiences in order to feed his curiosity about the world and to push himself way out of his comfort-zone, physically and mentally.


On a cold April morning in 2011, I cycled out of my home in Copenhagen, Denmark and spent the following 2,5 years crossing 4 continents and covering 43.000km on my bicycle. Why? Because it is a very intense way of travelling and it gives you the opportunity to see the world, unfiltered, as it really is and a forced option to stop in all the small places. It gives you a front row seat to the full span of what Planet Earth has to offer: From the smallest dusty villages to the largest metropolises and everything in between. From jungle, to desert, from the highest mountains to the bluest oceans – and all the wonderfull people and their cultures in between: The young, the old and their smiles.

After cycling for 2,5 years I chose to change my adventures for some time: I ventured deep into the jungle of Ecuador together with a friend from Bulgaria. There, we befriended a tribal family and spend a month constructing a big, beautiful, bamboo-raft before pushing ourselves off the river shore, into the unknown. We floated for 4 months, 3000+km through 3 countries on the largest river on the planet, sucking up everything the adventure threw at us: An unpredictable river, virgin jungle, violent crashes, countless indigenous tribes, tropical rainstorms and a fearful presence of river-pirates; have a look at www.showmeamazonas.com, if you’re curious.

After spending 2 months in Caribbean Colombia writing a book about the Amazon bamboo-raft, I got itchy feet and something needed to happen. It was time to go for a long, beautiful walk and The Pacific Crest Trail offered just that: Curving its way across the USA, from Canada to Mexico through 3 states, 7 national parks and 25 national forests while climbing 57 mountain passes and skirting more than a thousand lakes. Walking 4000km, from glaciers to deserts, it was probably the 5 most beautiful months of my life. Blog, photos and more at henrikwalksthewalk.wordpress.com.

Finishing the walk and wrapping up my book, I flew down to Ecuador to pick up my bicycle that I had left with local friends, flew to Portugal and cycled home up through western Europe to my native Denmark. Rolling back into my old home, culture, friends and family was one of the most intense experiences of the entire 4 years.

Thanks to the entire world and to life for granting me such an opportunity to live it. Though I’ll park my adventures for some time, I know that I will never forget these years as a homeless but happy man. And oh yes, I’ve got many more travel- and adventure dreams to pursuit.