Packing List

It is my home for several years and it is carrying all the things I need to survive, with a little bit of comfort items as well. It is a lot of things to be cycling with, but not a lot of things to be living with.

The Baggage

Including food and water, I carry around 30kg:

2 front panniers
2 rear panniers
1 dry-bag
1 handlebar bag
Loose items: camera, wire and tyre


What goes where?

Left Rear Pannier: Outdoor stuff
Thermal underwear: Pants and Sweater, merino-wool
Warm socks: wool
Micro-fleece jumper
Outdoor pants, cotton, with zip-off legs
Outdoor shoes, good for multi-day hiking also.
Jacket:Hard shell, unisolated, wind- and waterproof
Thin light gloves and thick winter gloves
Camping Stove: Trangia, alcohol stove
Plates and utensils: spoon, fork, knife, can-opener, peeler
First aid kit
A bit of small rope
Pouch of mixed small stuff: Duct tape, corkscrew, extra batteries, world-coin collection, scissors etc
The odd gift or “souvenir” that I really want to keep.

Right Rear Pannier: Civilization stuff
1 pair of pants
4 t-shirts
1 jumper
1 thin sweater
1 shirt
1 pair of shoes
1 pair of flip-flops
7 boxer-shorts
5 pair of socks
Day-bag, 18l, for day hikes, shopping and city-tourism.
Toilet paper
Tootbrush, toothpaste, good knife
Maybe a book or guidebook

Dry Back: Outdoor Hotel-Room
Sleeping bag
Inner-sleeping bag
Sleeping mattress
Foldable camping chair

Loose Items
Extra tyre, folded
Camera and tripod, easy access
Strong wire
Trash (until I can dispose of it properly)

Left Front Pannier: Food and Spareparts
Tools etc: Patch-kit and glue, oil, tyre-levers, multi-tool, chain-tool, spoke-tool, extra tubes, adjustable spanner, plyers
Food (amount is dependent on where I am and how isolated it is. Sometimes nothing, sometimes for 4-5 days)

Right Front Pannier: Food and Electronics
A laptop
Battery chargers, cables, shaving machine, plug-adapter.
Food (amount is dependent on where I am and how isolated it is. Sometimes nothing, sometimes for 4-5 days)

Handlebar Bag: Essentials
Small Camera
Money and credit cards
Passport and health-certificate
Peberspray, lipbalm
Note-book and pens
Music player and small speaker