So what did you do?

This is the story of adventure, amazing experiences, deep frustration, endless roads, the mightiest river on Earth, a staggering long walk, complete isolation, total exhaustion, friendly people, interesting cultures and an overload of stunning natural beauty. A story of an ordinary guy with an extraordinary passion for travelling and adventure who chose to trade in…

The Wilderness Walk

  A 4000 km wilderness walk from Canada to Mexico across the USA on one of the most beautiful trails in the world, the PCT. Full story at In the beginning of July 2014, Henrik took the first out of 5 million footsteps that, eventually, would carry him across the USA, through the wilderness,…

Photography – sorted by country

Stunning shots from our beautiful planet! Vietnam Tajikistan Patagonia India Australia Peru Kyrgyzstan Indonesia Argentina Turkey Georgia Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria Bolivia Kazakhstan Portugal Laos Azerbaijan Belgium Ecuador Borneo + Brunei Spain Uzbekistan Malaysia East Timor France New Zealand Cambodia Denmark + Poland Thailand Singapore Colombia

The Bamboo Raft

A homemade bamboo raft down the mighty Amazon River, unsupported. Full story at This is the story of two guys who ventured deep into the Ecuadorian jungle where they constructed a bamboo raft and floated for 4 months unsupported through the vast wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest on the largest river on our planet….